2016 SR6 Conclave

The annual Section SR-6 is coming up on April 15th to 17th at Camp Kia Kima in Hardy, AR. Nguttitehen has pledged to bring 40 people to this event and to achieve this goal we need your help. We are needing those individuals who wish to attend conclave to go online at the section website www.oasection6.org and register. The cost between now and April 1st is $105.00 a person. This includes transportation on the bus to and from conclave along with the actual event itself. As Camp Kia Kima is over a ten hour drive for many of us, riding the bus has been made mandatory so that we all travel safely to and from the event. For those who have never been to a conclave this is the annual gathering of all the lodges in our section for a weekend full of training, competition and fellowship. If you have a desire to learn more about AIA activities, Ceremonies or the OA in general be sure to attend this event. For more information about conclave please contact Lodge Chief Adam Peregrine or Lodge Adviser Don Ault.