Ceremony/Elangomat Training

Hello Lodge members! We would like to invite you to a weekend to train elangomats and ceremonialists for the Ordeals for the year. This is an opportunity for Lodge members to come and prepare for the induction weekends so they run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. We will be doing full run throughs of all the ceremonies to practice and, hopefully, be able to see what the service projects for the Ordeal will be! In order to better serve our newly elected members we ask that you attend these weekends. This is also a great opportunity to get involved in Lodge leadership!

Our first weekend, which occurred on May 13th was quite a success! While we only had three elangomats and ceremonialists attend, they all agreed that the weekend on camp practicing and running through the Ordeal was very helpful! Trevor M., Jay D. and Thomas O. were our three elangomats in attendance and Albert P. and Paul K. were our two ceremoinalists. New training’s  have helped prepare these youth for their leadership roles in the upcoming Ordeal. Want to be like them and have the inside scoop on Ordeals? It’s easy, just register to be an elangomat and attend the next training!

The next date and location are August 11th and 13th at Camp Crooked Creek.

A schedule for each weekend is attached (all times are in EST).

Please note, there will be a $5 fee per person to help cover the expense of food and materials for the weekends.

This schedule is for Ceremonialists only. A schedule for Elangomats will be coming shortly.


6pm- Begin arrival

7pm- Cracker barrel/ icebreakers

9pm- Open discussion on ceremonies from experiences ceremonialists/ begin orienting new and potential ceremonialists

10pm- Quiet time

11pm- Lights out


7am- Breakfast/ clean up

9am- Break off into individuals/ small groups to work on memorization

11:30am- Reconvene for lunch

1pm- Group discussion on presentation of script and character development

2pm- Begin ceremony run throughs

4pm- Down time

6pm- Dinner

8pm- Practice ceremonies in ring in regalia

9pm- Campfire

10pm- Quiet time

11pm- Lights out


7am- Breakfast/ discussion on our role

8am- clean up

9am- Departure