Dues and FireCard Information

Nguttitehen members will have a choice in how to pay their dues in 2017. The choices are: you can either pay $15.00 for the year or for $80.00 you can purchase a 2017 FireCard.

The concept of the FireCard is a carry-over from the TalligiCard, which was a similar all-in-one membership fee. With the purchase of a FireCard you get a substantial discount over paying for each lodge event individually. For 2017, the event attendance fee for basic dues paid members will be $20. Brotherhood conversions are separate fees. The 2017 FireCard offers a discount over individual event fees (banquet $20 + pow wow $20 + 4 ordeals $80 + fall fellowship $20 = $140). Plus, FireCard holders get a full set of all event patches, regardless if they attend an event. Another benefit is that it offers express check-in at events and one-step online pre-registration for events. That is a significant discount and set of features for FireCard members.

FireCard membership covers fees for the January 2017 Banquet, Spring Pow Wow, all Ordeal weekends, and Fall Fellowship.

Members may also register for the next event on-line; this allows any pre-registered members to skip the long registration lines and enjoy express registration at the event.