If you are interested in joining one of the lodge’s operating committees, check out their descriptions below and fill out a committee interest form here.

Lodge Committees

Nation Committees

Awards and Recognition

  • Shall assist the Founder’s Award and West Fellowship committees select their recipients each year.
  • Shall assist all committees and chapters in determining annual awards.
  • Shall work with the Winter Banquet Committee to plan and present all awards.
  • Shall administer any national, regional or section awards programs
  • Reports to the Treasurer


  • Membership on this committee shall be open to all Brotherhood and Vigil Honor members of the Lodge.
  • This committee shall invite and encourage all eligible Ordeal members to consider attaining Brotherhood.
  • It shall provide for frequent Brotherhood Ceremonies and assist members in the completion of the requirements for Brotherhood, in accordance with the current printing of the OA Handbook.
  • It shall report to the Vice Chief of Administration.

Content Creation

  • Shall develop and provide written copy and artwork to all Lodge communication streams.
  • Shall work with the Secretary to provide content for onsite Ordeal newsletters and event promotions.
  • Shall report to the Lodge Secretary.

Digital Media

  • Shall maintain all existing lodge social media means and shall update them regularly.
  • Shall propose new social media streams for adoption as they emerge.
  • Shall follow all local and national regulations involving social media and stay abreast of such.
  • Shall coordinate social media updates with the lodge communication plan.
  • Shall work with the Secretary, Print Publications Committees and others to update the Lodge Website and keep it up to date.
  • Shall work with the Lodge Treasurer to setup and maintain online registration and payment systems.
  • Shall insure the lodge website follows all applicable guidelines and standards.
  • Shall report to the Lodge Secretary.


  • Shall assist the Treasurer in entering and maintaining all lodge membership records in Lodge Master.
  • Shall assist the Unit Elections committee in entering all new member information in Lodge Master.
  • Shall assist the treasurer with registration at all Lodge events.
  • Shall serve as the contact point for all committee and chapters getting membership records.
  • Shall report to the Lodge Treasurer.

Print Publications

  • It shall be responsible for all newsletters and written communication within the Lodge
  • It shall provide for the printing of all Lodge publications and other printed materials as requested.
  • It shall prepare at least quarterly newsletter which shall be distributed to all active members and to others as deemed appropriate.
  • It shall produce an onsite newsletter for all Lodge Ordeal and Fellowship weekends.
  • It shall report to the Lodge Secretary.
  • Any other duties as requested by the Lodge Chief.

Quality Analytics

  • Uses available tools to report to the LEC the JTE status of the Lodge
  • Shall assist the Key 3 upon request with completing the annual report and JTE application.
  • Shall report to Lodge Vice Chief Administration


  • Shall oversee, staff and manage registration at all Lodge Events (Pow Wow, Fall Fellowship and Winter Banquet).
  • Shall oversee, staff and manage registration at all Ordeal / Brotherhood induction weekends and events.
  • Shall work with Membership Committee and Lodge Treasure to insure all attendance records are properly recorded and updated.
  • Shall work with Lodge Treasurer to insure proper accounting of all registration fees.
  • Shall work with Lodge Digital Media Committee and Print Publications Committee.
  • Shall report to the Lodge Treasurer.

Section / National Events

  • Shall work with Lodge Officers, LEC and Chapters to promote and plan Lodge participation at all section and national events namely, Conclave, NOAC, and OA High Adventure.
  • Shall report to Lodge Vice Chief of Administration.

Spring Pow-Wow / Fall Fellowship

  • Shall plan and coordinate the annual Spring Pow Wow and Fall Fellowship
  • Shall promote these events on a year-round basis
  • Shall report to the Lodge Chief.

Trading Post

  • This committee shall keep an accurate inventory of all Lodge, chapter, and committee merchandise, insignia, and memorabilia.
  • It shall be open at all Lodge events and any chapter event as requested.
  • It shall serve members of the Lodge in a friendly manner ensuring that their order is correct and prompt.
  • It shall operate keeping in mind customer service and satisfaction.
  • It shall work in conjunction with the Lodge Webmaster to operate a online Trading Post via the website.
  • It shall report to the Lodge Treasurer.
  • It shall design, get approved and order all lodge insignia, merchandise and goods.


  • Shall oversee and plan the annual Lodge LLD
  • Shall insure training is a year-round process.
  • Shall promote NLS and NLATS.
  • Shall be responsible for coordinating the Lodge participation at the University of Scouting.
  • Shall report to the Vice Chief of Administration.

Vigil Honor

  • Shall select Vigil Candidates each year in accordance with all applicable policies and publications of the OA by a date to allow for the submission and approval of the petitions prior
  • Shall induct the Vigil Honor class each year in accordance with the OA Handbook, Guide for Officers and Advisers, Vigil Honor Ceremony Book, Guide to Inductions and other applicable documents.
  • Shall report to the Lodge Chief.

Winter Banquet

  • Shall plan and conduct the annual Lodge Winter Banquet
  • Shall secure a location and have a menu planned no later than April 1st each year.
  • Shall coordinate with other committees to present awards and promote the banquet
  • Shall suggest the guest speaker each year no later than August 1st
  • Shall work with the Secretary to produce the year end slide show.
  • Shall report to the Lodge Chief.

Ceremony Team

  • This committee shall prepare and maintain ceremonial equipment, including costumes, and prepare the ceremonial grounds.
  • It shall encourage members to take parts in ceremonies.
  • It shall train and prepare primary and back-up teams for all ceremonies.
  • It shall conduct all ceremonies in accordance with the latest printing of the OA Handbook and Ceremonies Guides.


  • This committee shall provide for all Lodge events the menu of the weekend, with the exception of the
  • Winter Banquet.
  • It shall ensure that all tables are set up and clean in preparation of meals.
  • It shall ensure that the dining hall and all tables are clean at the conclusion of all meals.
  • It shall ensure that all cooking utensils and supplies are clean for future use.

Dance / Drum Team

  • This team shall prepare and present authentic American Indian dances at Lodge Activities, and other
  • events and on other appropriate occasions.
  • It shall represent the Lodge and encourage interest in the Order when performing at non -OA events.
  • It shall encourage interest in and provide instruction in Native American Lore.


  • Shall be a friend and guide to all Ordeal Candidates and guide them through the induction
  • Shall recruit an adequate number of Elangomats per Ordeal and have them trained
  • Shall work with the Service Committee and Ordeal Master to solve any problems and insure a good Ordeal experience for all Candidates.

Ordeal Operations

  • Shall plan and coordinate all lodge ordeal and induction weekends.
  • Shall work with other committees to insure their obligations to the ordeal weekend are met.
  • Shall coordinate service projects for the weekend with the camp rangers.
  • Insure there is a health and safety officer for the weekend.