This page displays each of our lodge committees and their chairmen. If you have any questions about the roles these committees serve in our lodge, click the link below.

Lodge Committees and Chairmen

Brotherhood: Lexi B.

Print Publications: Garrett B.
Adviser: Kent Burton

Trading Post: Piper B.
Adviser: Chris Mattingly

Unit Elections and Camp Promotions: Dylan D.

Digital Media: Kiara W.
Adviser: Mary Glisson

Training: Vaughn R.

Vigil Honor: Trent B.

Winter Banquet: Haley S.

Spring Powwow: Dylan S.
Adviser: Scott Skees

Content Creation: Silas B.
Adviser: Steven Misczenski

Fall Fellowship: Colson T.

Central Nation Committees and Chairmen

AIA: Vacant

Culinary: Vacant
Adviser: John Waggoner

Elangomat: Vacant

Ordeal Operations: Aaron C.
Adviser: Chuck Oliver

Western Nation Committees and Chairmen

AIA: Cullen L.

Culinary: Austin P.
Adviser: Matt Morehead

Elangomat: Jackson P.
Adviser: Danny Ball

Ordeal Operations: Gabe J.
Adviser: Tim P.