Nguttitehen Lodge Charter Flap

Welcome to Nguttitehen Lodge! Our Lodge was chartered January 1, 2013, from the merger of Talligewi Lodge 62 and White Horse Lodge 201. We serve the Lincoln Heritage Council #205, headquartered in Louisville, KY.

Soon after the Shawnee Trails Council became part of the Lincoln Heritage Council, the goal was to merge the Order of the Arrow lodges. The focus was on building relationships between the members of both lodges and continuing the 2012 programs; while combining our operations and planning for 2013.

In July 2012, the merger team of five youth and two advisers from each lodge formally began work on the merger process. The team members from Talligewi Lodge 62 were: Edward McCarty, Bryan Rosbotom, Langdon Johnson, Caleb Turner, Zach Long, Don Ault, and John Downey. The team members from White Horse Lodge 201 were: Jerry McKenzie, Josiah Wright, Harrison Fry, Marko Vazquez, Jack Mayo, Frank Overby, and Mark Danhauer. The merger team was charged with planning joint lodge events, writing new by‐laws, establishing a new lodge leadership structure, planning to elect 2013 officers, complete a lodge charter, and create a 2013 program calendar. The team also had to determine a new name and totem for our lodge.

This group of youth leaders enjoyed some fellowship at the 2012 NOAC, led the joint lodge support of the 2012 LHC Patriot Games, and organized a joint Fall Fellowship and officer elections. They also spent the next few months recruiting other youth to help them with 2013 plans, reorganization, lodge name and totem recommendations which were all ultimately approved by the Lodge Executive Committees of both White Horse and Talligewi. Most importantly, they were successful because they came together in the spirit of Brotherhood.

Our lodge now serves a council of 36,000 youth and volunteers across 64 counties in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee. We have a great opportunity to positively influence our new, larger Scouting community with our Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. Nguttitehen, pronounced ‘goo‐te ‐tay‐in’, is Lenni Lenape meaning ‘to be of one heart and mind’. This represents the way we have worked together to become one lodge, as well as, the way we will strive together as Brothers to become the best Lodge in the country.