Fall Fellowship Recap!

On the weekend of October 28th-30th, our lodge gathered at Camp Crooked Creek for fun and fellowship. The lodge wants to thank everyone who made it so that this Fall Fellowship was the largest we have ever had with over 150 people in attendance. We enjoyed having so many members, both brand new and returning, […]

November 2022 Chiefly Speaking

Nguttitehen Lodge,           The passing of Fall Fellowship signifies a time of change within our lodge: an incoming team of lodge and chapter officers, more Arrowmen being recognized for their efforts in this program, and a new year filled with opportunities just around the bend. I would encourage each of you to embrace these changes and […]

November 2022 Advisers Minute

I remember watching  the movie October Sky about Astronaut Homer Hickam.  It is exciting to watch a rocket launch. There is a thunderous sound when the rocket ignites and begins to move upward. There is also so much power and acceleration after the initial explosion! We are warned not to be too close in case […]