Pay Your 2023 Dues Today!

Do you love being able to have hatchet throwing at Spring Pow-Wow or a dunk tank at Fall Fellowship? As with everything that we offer through the lodge, they cost money to put on, and one of the main ways we get these resources is through our annual dues collections. Like with unit elections, dues play a vital role in the smooth functioning of our lodge. We have many fundraisers that help us put on various events, but the way we can offer many of our functions is through the dues. NOAC patches and special events happen occasionally, but dues are a constant income that we can rely on to bring you fun and festive events. Being up to date with your dues payment also allows you to continue as a member and attend these functions like Winter Banquet and Fall Fellowship. You can also return to complete your brotherhood and be considered for a Vigil spot if you are up to date with your dues. While they are not the most exciting thing compared to hatchet throwing, collecting dues will help the lodge continue to grow and offer many incredible opportunities. 

To pay your dues, go to and complete the form. Dues for 2023 are $20.00 per member. FireCards are $100.00 for 2023. A FireCard includes your dues, and the registration fee for the Winter Banquet, Spring Pow Wow, All Induction Weekends, and the Fall Fellowship. Please note that even with a FireCard you still must register for the event. When completing the form below please try to provide the information you know. The form should allow you to proceed as long as you enter your name, address, etc. Please note you will have to manually return to the lodge website after completing the form as PayPal will not redirect you.

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