February 2023 Chiefly Speaking

Hello everybody!!!

            You lodge leaders have been busy and working hard to bring some amazing events to life, like our Trade-O-Ree at Camp Crooked Creek on March 10th. This event is a great chance to get into patch trading! Another event that we are excited for is Spring Pow Wow, which is on March 24th-26th at Camp Crooked Creek. At this event we will have great trainings, a brotherhood workshop, and great opportunities for fellowship. Make sure you register today!

            This winter and the upcoming spring are a perfect time to start working on your unit elections. We are always wanting to grow in numbers, and that is not possible without your help. Please help us get elections done in your units so we can have a big turnout at the spring ordeals. If you need help with requesting an election, please contact us by email at Info@nguttitehen.org.

            Our lodge is full of leaders and amazing events. The best way to stay updated with everything, or to try to get involved, is through our Slack, Instagram, Facebook and lodge website. Slack, our biggest communication tool, allows you to be up to date on all the lodge news, and you can also contact leaders for elections and other ways to get involved. We are always excited to get more people involved in planning and running our great lodge.

Yours in Service,
Anthony H.

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