Request a Unit Election Today!

The Lodge simply cannot exist without our Lodge’s current and future Arrowmen. If you are a unit leader or OA representative of a unit who wishes to have an election team visit one of your meetings, please fill out this form: You can also contact your local chapter adviser or fill out the form attached to the email that all unit Key Three should have received earlier this month.

Also, if you have been an Ordeal member for at least six months, please come out to one of our events to seal your membership and become a Brotherhood member. We offer brotherhood workshops at each of our major events and induction weekends, including Spring Pow-Wow, which is right around the corner.

While the Lodge’s growth is one of our key goals as an organization, It cannot happen without the support of the committees and unit elections teams that work with the lodge. One of our biggest goals for this year is for each chapter to have at least one active election team. Being a member of an election team is a great opportunity to recruit more Arrowmen while being the face of our Lodge to our Council’s units.

The Lodge is excited to have a great year, welcoming new members to our Order, and impacting more lives with this incredible program. We hope that all Arrowmen will join us in our goal of growing our great organization.

To learn more about being a part of a unit election team in your chapter, please reach out to Vice Chief of Membership Samuel R. at and be sure to include Associate Lodge Advisor John Benz at for YPT purposes.

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